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Poker, Jacked Up

Poker with a twist. Same game you love, but with a rush of adrenaline. Raise your pulse, compete in a new way.  See who gets to the top first. 

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Players…start your engines! Race Poker has two distinct holdem poker games for your mobile playing pleasure! 



I feel the need……the need for speed.
Our fast fold holdem game is a lightning-paced, 5 player-per-table, cash game styled, poker thrill ride. If you don’t like your hole cards, hit the gas! Swipe to fold and you’ll be at a new table with new opponents and new cards, just like that. No need to play through the garbage hands if you’re not feeling it. Just swipe and go!

Can you keep up to the pace? Our tournaments are designed to play out quickly, in a fun event that eliminates players every level, or lap as we call them, if they are not keeping up with the pace car. The pace car will illustrate where the next projected cut is relative to you and the other players at your current table. Your dashboard instruments will tell you how many chips and what position you are in, as well as where you'll have to be by the end of the level in order to avoid the cut.


Race Poker’s leaderboard, otherwise known as a ‘circuit’, is a 72-hour race against other players who started their latest session in close timing to yours. Your mission is to score higher than your fellow racers in the 72-hour period to claim your portion of the prize pool. At the conclusion of each circuit, the top 10 scoring racers will divvy up that prize pool. The higher you get, the more you’ll get. You’ll play with 29 other players for racing glory and earn points as follows:

1-10 win a piece of the prize pool
11 - 20 will race again in the same circuit
21- 30 have to re-qualify for this level again by competing one level lower


You’ll earn points as you play both game variants on Race Poker. In a tournament you’ll earn points for every race you compete, and the Fast Fold cash games, you’ll earn points for every pot you win. The larger the pot you drag, the more points you’ll earn, the faster you’ll race up that board.


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